Shake FAQ's

Do I need to bring anything with me?

A water bottle is necessary as you will burn up a sweat! A sweat towel if you plan on working super hard!

How hard is the class?

The class will have your muscles burning, temperature raised and your spirits raised too! You are likely to ache after the session which is a GOOD thing! Although the class can be taken at your own pace.

How is the class beneficial to me?

'Shake, By Samantha' is a dance based fitness workout and franchise designed to allow adults of all ages and abilities to shake off their stress, a bad day, their worries and negative emotions. Alongside the mental health benefits the class also offers a full body workout enabling you to shake off any undesired weight and tone up too!

Can I just turn up?

Unfortunately not, everyone needs to book on via this link. This is to ensure organisation of numbers attending. We can not book spaces for you as terms and conditions have to be read and ticked upon booking.

I have injuries/I am pregnant/I haven't Shake before/I haven't exercised for a long time, will I be able to do the class?

As with all of our adult classes, the session can be taken at your own pace, the instructor can adapt choreography and give different difficulty levels to suit different participants throughout the class meaning the class provides an all-inclusive workout for everyone involved.

What shall I wear?

Please come ready for the session in exercise gear i.e, leggings and a T-shirt and suitable trainers. There are benches to the sides of the room at our Northop venue should you want to take a jacket off etc.

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