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Ages 2+ :  Little Ballet Stars | Ballet | Street Dance | Acro | Contemporary | Tap | Strength & Stretch | 

Drama & Musical Theatre 

Shake Dance Fitness | Core Strength | Hen Party Dance Classes | Adult Tap

Classes held at: ❈New Brighton Mold ❈ Connah's Quay ❈ Northop Edith Bankes Memorial Hall ❈ Higher Kinnerton Village Hall ❈ Level Road Community Centre Hawarden ❈ 

We are registered with Children's University for any children collecting stamps for extra-curricular activities.

1-1 Private Sessions

30 minute 1-1 sessions can be arranged, please get in touch if you would like to book 1-1 private sessions.

Open for children from ages 6-14years.

 Chose any style from Ballet, Street Dance, Contemporary, Tap, Stretch and Flexibility class or Drama and Musical Theatre. 

These sessions are especially beneficial for those looking to improve their dancing and performance skills with the focused and undivided attention of the teacher and without distraction from other students. Taken at the individuals pace helping them to learn in their own time and allowing time for the teacher to work on more specific individual needs.

Adult classes

 Shake, by Samantha

Mondays-New Brighton Community Centre
 Wednesdays-Northop Edith Bankes Memorial Hall

'Shake, by Samantha™' is a dance based fitness workout and franchise designed to allow adults of all ages and abilities to shake off their stress, a bad day,  worries and negative emotions. 

Alongside the mental health benefits the class also offers a full body workout enabling you to shake off any undesired weight and tone up too!

Simply follow the instructor as you dance to a variety of music; picking up the routines as the music repeats. Feel your confidence increase from week to week as you improve!
This class is for all abilities and can be taken at your own pace.
Free parking is available across the road from the hall. 

Core Strength Class

Wednesday evenings
Northop Edith Bankes Memorial Hall


An optional 15 minutes of Core Strengthening and Toning following Shake. Please bring your own yoga type mat. 

A strong core makes it easier to do most physical activities, helping to prevent injuries, improving posture and reducing lower back pain. 

Different levels of each exercise are given throughout the session making it accessible to all ages and strength abilities. 

The class rotates on a four week basis to keep it fresh and to ensure all core muscles are targeted.

This class brings great results to your everyday life, give it a try!

Hen Party Dance Classes

Location of your choice

North Wales | Cheshire


Book one of our super fun, exciting, energetic sessions in a theme of your choice.

 Theme suggestions include: Fame, Dirty Dancing, Grease dance hen, 80's, Glee, MTV Diva, Pop Stars dance, Street dance lesson, Burlesque, Bollywood, Strictly Come Dancing, Beyonce, Thriller and more! No dance experience is needed. 

Start with an easy-to-follow warm-up, some fun dance exercises which link in with your theme, and finish with a dance routine to a song of your choice.

Rest assured that the session will be covered by a professional, bubbly and experienced Instructor who will hold their own insurance.