Frequently Asked Questions

Are you accepting new students and can my child(ren) start mid term?

  • We are always accepting new students! We recommend starting at the beginning of a term/half term however we do accept students mid term. Starting from the beginning is a lot easier for both the student and teacher when it comes to learning and teaching choreography. 
  • Where Covid restrictions are in place class spaces are limited.
  • Where it is a show term we may put a temporary hold on accepting new students.

I would like to order uniform/dance shoes, where do I do this?

  • Yay amazing! We love having our dancers in uniforms and the correct footwear. Please head over to our online shop, your order will be brought into classes as soon as we have it in stock!

What shall my little one wear if they do not have uniform yet?

A T-shirt and leggings/clothes that they can move in is great. If they are participating in street dance, trainers that won't flick off are best. If participating in ballet, grip socks are brill until Ballet shoes are purchased. Trainers with no laces are best to make getting ready at the end/between classes nice and easy!. If trialing tap, trainers can be worn for the first session.

What classes do you hold and for what age?

  • We hold classes right from 2years through to 75years! Take a look at our children's schedule and take a look at our Adult class booking page to see all of our classes and locations!
  • Did you know? On Class4Kids you can use the filter at the top of the webpage to pull up specific classes based on age, days, times, class styles and venues to make your search easier.

Can parents come into the classes?

>Parents only come in to our Little Ballet Stars Parent/toddler sessions (2-4yrs).
For Mini's (4-6yrs)/7+ parents are invited to watch what we have been working on at the end of each half term/term. Grown ups may come in for the first 5 minutes where children are shy or unsettled to start.

What happens when I arrive to class? How do I find the venue information?

> When you head to our schedule and book onto a class via the "info and booking" tab, you will be sent to the class page where you can see "venue details" and "venue notes". Here you will find the address and what to do on arrival/pick up.

I do not like the "Stripe fee" can I avoid this?

  • Yes! When you checkout simply click "more payment options" and you will find our bank transfer details. Pay via bank transfer to avoid the Stripe/card fee and we will send through your receipt.

Is there a fee for the trials?

  • Yes, trials are not free unless there is a promotional offer on. Trials offer the opportunity for your little one to have a go at classes and see which ones they like and would like to sign up for. Therefore you do not have to pay for the whole half term without knowing if your child(ren) likes the session(s).

Do you do shows/performances?

  • For Mini's Classes we hold a "Show of Work" week at the end of each half term where grown-ups are invited into classes to see their little ones progress.*
  • For 7+ Classes we hold a "Show of Work" week at the end of each term where grown-ups are invited into classes to see their little ones progress.*
  • We hold annual shows for all students who wish to take part.*
  • *Please note due to Covid-19 and current government guidelines we are not currently holding Show of Work weeks and we are yet to know and announce when our 2020 show will be rescheduled to.

During Covid-19 are you able to film classes so we can see our child's progress?

  • Throughout the term, where possible we will film snippets of classes which will be posted on social media as-long as we have had permission from each parent to do so. Where we can and where possible we will film sessions for parents to see their child's progress and you will be updated on this via social media and emails.

Are classes automatically renewed?

  • Yes! Each half term we re-book those who have attended the half term previous and you will receive an email confirmation. Within your confirmation email you will see a "pay now" option. Simply click on this link then you will head straight to payment for the upcoming half term. Once payment is made your childs(rens) space is reserved and you will be all up to date!

If I am paying via subscription do I have do to anything each half term?

  • No we have you covered! Your payments will automatically leave your bank on the 1st of each month and we will re-book your child(ren) onto the next half terms registers meaning you do not have to do anything. Should you wish to discontinue you will need to email us to let us know, 4 weeks in advance. See our terms and conditions here: T&C's

If I order the wrong size clothing/footwear can I exchange?

  • Yes of course! Now we have an online shop rather than in-class ordering you can request an exchange should your order come and be the wrong size/fit. Simply email us to let us know!

There's a class I would like to see in the timetable, shall I let you know?

  • Yes! We are always looking to add classes into our timetable and knowing what styles and classes our audience would like to see is massively helpful! Pop us a message! We also love venue suggestions.

What is happening with the show fee I paid?

  • Firstly, thank you for paying the show fee! Going forwards you can now either 1. Hold the show fee ready for the rescheduled show. 2. Use the show fee towards class fees. 3. Request a refund via email.

The booking system is showing that a class is full, what can I do now?

  • Take a look at our full schedule and book onto another class at another location.
  • Join the waiting list and you will be notified as soon as a space becomes available.
  • Please know if you book onto another location you can always transfer to your preferred location when a space becomes available. To make this easier and more organised please book onto the class and join the waiting list for the desired class.