Want to trial our online classes?

We have adapted during this difficult period and we have taken all of our classes online. 

Our Summer Term is officially over, however we are still offering 1-1 private sessions and online Zumba where weather does not permit for the sessions to be held outside.

Online sessions via Zoom provide stability, routine and a connection in a difficult time. They allow both children and adults to stay in touch with their community, their friends and their teachers providing the joy our physical classes do. They continue to provide physical and mental exercise and give a sense of normality. They also give parents a break!

Our online classes are open to both new and existing students. 

Pay as you go options available.

For any questions regarding the online sessions please do not hesitate to contact us.

Private Lessons

Benefit from your teachers undivided attention with our online private dance lessons.

Take a one-to-one session online via Zoom in your preferred style at a time that suits you!

These sessions are especially beneficial for:

Those looking to improve their dancing skills without distraction from other students.

These classes are taken at the individuals pace helping them to learn in their own time and allowing time for the teacher to work on more specific individual needs; it gives the teacher time to identify personal areas of improvement for the student.

Some children also feel less intimidated or shy on the online class set up if they're just one-to-one with their teacher.

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"Thank you Miss Sam, for the love and effort you put into your teaching. We are so grateful for your online sessions, we love them just as much as being in the studio!"

"She loved seeing everyone and being part of a fantastic dance group again. She can't wait for next weeks challenges and online dance sessions. This has really put a spring in her step, thank you Sam."